Thursday, January 04, 2007

Harry Vs the Cromer Crab.

Seeing as we had some time at our disposal over the holiday, we decided to take Harry to the beach for the first time, and seeing as I was hoping to buy some of their most famous export, we decided to make the journey to Cromer. If nothing else, it would be the perfect time to give Harry some much needed exposure to his new car harness. I say much needed because Harry seems to be of the opinion that the car harness is some kind of Chinese puzzle which is best used as a self inflicted torture device. The stereo doesn’t get turned up in the car these days as we now need to listen out for the gentle “gak … gak” of Harry hanging himself.

After a few uneventful hours of driving we reached Cromer on possibly the most cloudy, rainy, horrible day of the Christmas period. First on the agenda was lunch, and what else but fish and chips on the beach, huddled against the wall to keep out of the weather (how very British!!). This was also useful distraction for Harry and meant he chose to stare lovingly at us rather than cause havoc, not something he is known to do unless there is food in the offing.

Once we had all filled our bellies we took a gentle stroll down the beach and let Harry investigate the sea for the first time. I had been warned that dogs tend to try and drink sea water (with spectacular results) and also that I may be catching the next ferry to Holland to retrieve the little fella, but I really needn’t have been concerned because our little Bagle is petrified of the sea *sigh*. Only in Harry’s little mind can a festering pool of muddy, cow dung ridden water be considered bliss and a beautiful clean ocean an instrument of hell. If I’m honest, it wasn’t so much the water that he objected to, more the noise of the waves and the idea that the water was coming to get him. I’m not entirely sure what he thought the sea was going to do to him but for the first time he turned his nose up and walked away (read ran like a girl) away from the chance to get wet. And there was me worrying that we’d forgotten his towel.

Unfortunately for Harry, the evils of the seaside are not restricted to the sea itself, the wildlife was also out to get him too. Well actually it was minding its own business by the waters edge, but who are we to contradict the little man. I will do my best to describe what happened next, although my sight was a little impaired by the tears screaming down my face and the ache in my stomach.

Harry spotted the crab moving and puffed himself up to his biggest, baddest stance and, assuming the sniffing position approached with caution. The crab, obviously unimpressed at having his afternoon nap interrupted assumed his best nose pinching position and got ready to do battle.

Hmmm, thinks Harry, I ought to see if this little fella is as small as he looks, best circle him to make sure.

Hmmm, replies the crab, he thinks he’s going to sneak round behind me, best show him I mean business with these claws.

HA!! Says Harry, I can scare you away with my bark, I can make children cry with this bark!!

Yawn says the crab

Suit yourself says Harry, I’ll bury you then

And so we spent the next five minutes watching Harry dig his best crab burying hole while barking like an idiot. The crab, completely unfazed by this stupid behaviour watched him too, occasionally flexing his claws in case the daft mutt got within range.

Eventually, hole dug and barking exhausted, Harry walked off, chest puffed out and the self satisfied expression of someone who has clearly lost the battle but will argue otherwise on any technicality available.
So there we go, 6 hours in the car for Harry to run away from the sea and dig a hole beside a crab. Bless.

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