Friday, July 26, 2013


Passports arrived back with us today.  Super excited now!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tattoo Time Again

So with my two pound coins changed and a full day booked with Jeff at Evil From The Needle I was looking forward to getting my sleeve finished.

Two fairly large pieces will finish it off, an Ed Roth 'Wierdo' and a traditional 'kustom kulture' inspired piece that will include Simincellis #58 and Ducati Desmodronic valve gear.

I was in Camden by half 10 and felt like I had the place to myself.

Doors opened at 11 and with both stencils in place I was a happy man.  They're gonna look stunning.   However an hour or so in Jeff realised it was gonna take a load longer than he'd originally thought.  I was not going to be going home with my arm completed.

Great progress was made though, and there are just the flames to finish the first piece. The Wierdo should be much quicker.  Very excited to see it all come together next time!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two Pound Treasure

I cracked open my money pot I save two pound coins in the other day.

Couldn't believe I've been saving for over five years!  Was nice to read the note I'd left inside, proof this New Zealand adventure is far from an impulsive thing.

Rescued £400 from it too, which means even after my forthcoming tattoo appointment there will still be a chunk left over for the emigration fund!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Alfies Olympics

Yesterday we had the joy of attending Alfies first ever school sports day.

With temps still pushing towards 30 degrees we grabbed some shade before the races began.

Races which included ...

a relay race;

 an obstacle race;

and ye olde faithful potato and spoon race.

Oh, and the highlight of the day - the Dads race.  Which, even having run barefoot, I still managed to defeat a strong lineup to take the gold medal!

Followed by a picnic - where Esme are everyones apple;

 And some ice cream;

and a quick play in the park;

where we learnt Tash has a head the same size as a three year old.

and then the moment which must really tear at teachers heart strings - when they say goodbye to kids they have seen develop for the past three years.  Or in Alfies case, just a year, as they said farewell to him too.  Next Tesday will be his last day at Gravenhurst 'Pippins & Bramleys' Preschool, the next day he attends school will be in Wellington!  His key worker, Leah, got him an amazing bag of goodies including a super cool Hot Wheels Pontiac Firebird (the bonnet opens!!) and a Batman sticker book which we are saving for the flight.

There isn't too much I'm sad about leaving behind in England, but his school really is one of them.  Its an amazing little place, and he has done so well there and has loved it from his first moments.  I just hope we can find somewhere equally awesome in NZ.

Here's a few other pics from the day;

And all the other many photos are here.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dragstalgia - Warning : Motorsport Is Dangerous

Right now its pretty hard to blog and I'm just not getting time in the day.  The Gathering is coming round fast, we emigrate in 8 weeks, and with the temperature being above 25 (oh yes, summer has arrived!) Esme is going to bed until about 9pm most nights - hence time in the evenings is short and precious.

Anyway, last weekend Claire and Jody paid us a visit.  It was Claires birthday on Friday and so, like last year when we first all met, we hit Santa Pod for Dragstalgia.

We had a cracking time, with one notable incident coming to pass.  Claire and I were returning with ice creams to realise that track action had stopped.  And as we looked up we realised the ambulance and rescue vehicles were on the track.  Turns out a top fuel bike had ejected its pilot.  We reached Tash and Jody to find out what happened only to learn an oil breather can had been launched to their direction on the bank.  It was quite a near miss for the group next to us by all accounts!  The picture at the top shows just how far it had been launched, and travelled just as high as it did along!

Here's some pics, all the rest are here.

Friday, July 12, 2013

FTC For Sale

It's official now.  In the local rag and everything.

Yours for £175k.  Comes with three complimentary chickens.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dummy Issue

Just an excuse to post this photo really. 

But the other night I couldn't find Esme a dummy at bed time.  So I decided she didn't need one.

We agreed she was a big girl now and Olive needed them more.

She didn't shout, pout, hit or throw live ammunition at my head.  If anything I'd say her sleep is better.

Dunno what all the fuss and dread is about!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

BSB Snetterton

Sunday. 30 degrees.  Free tickets to BSB.  A gorgeous early morning ride out on the Duke, and a day spent with my buddy Ian.

Awesome day.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Nitro Circus

Friday was a visit to Camden.  I needed to see Jeff to drop in some pics so he can get drawing the rest of my sleeve which happens in a few weeks time.

It was a scorcher of a day, the only break coming in the form of nitro ice cream.  Yup, ice cream made before our very eyes with liquid nitrogen.  Choclate with a green tea peanut crunch and caramel sauce.  Mega tasty, even if it was a fiver.

Being Friday it meant Alfie missed bin day back at home.  However we spotted this bin lorry near Kings X and after watching for a few minutes the chaps cottoned on and invited him over to press the green button.  Alfie was dead chuffed, and took great pleasure in reporting back to Tash that he was now 'bin man boy'.  Do you think he needs a cape for that role?

Friday, July 05, 2013

The Highs And Lows Of Emigration

Early in the week there was highs - house is valued well, goes on the market next week at £174, 995, and should give us a little bit once mortgage/estate agents/solicitors etc are paid.

Then came the lows when we had the shipping company round.  I had been given a ballpark of £3.4k.  When the chap left he said he thought it would be more like double that.  It seems it might be about £6k. Good job there is money in the house!

And then we found a gorgeous little place we are trying to negotiate to rent for three months. It's amazing.   Search Days Bay, Wellington on google images and look at the beauty.  I could fish every day too!!

And cos we tried to make the house pretty there were flowers on the table which Esme made into a cute photo.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Deck The Halls With ... Wooden Cladding

The past few days have been all about building up for today ... and then what follows in the next few weeks.

Its time for us to sell up.  And that meant finishing all those little jobs that you never have time to do.  And one big one also - which was the matter of our hall.

Massive thanks to Bill who came up on Saturday,  and in just a few hours had the walls stripped and that blown plaster and paper replaced with a splendid wooden cladded front.

And so we had the estate agents round today, amd hopefully FTC will be on the market next week.

It kinda makes it all feel like its really happening now, especially as we've found a perfect short term rental in Welly that we are trying to secure.