Monday, July 01, 2013

Deck The Halls With ... Wooden Cladding

The past few days have been all about building up for today ... and then what follows in the next few weeks.

Its time for us to sell up.  And that meant finishing all those little jobs that you never have time to do.  And one big one also - which was the matter of our hall.

Massive thanks to Bill who came up on Saturday,  and in just a few hours had the walls stripped and that blown plaster and paper replaced with a splendid wooden cladded front.

And so we had the estate agents round today, amd hopefully FTC will be on the market next week.

It kinda makes it all feel like its really happening now, especially as we've found a perfect short term rental in Welly that we are trying to secure.

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Horace said...

This is cool!