Friday, June 28, 2013

The Sleep Issue

Sleeping patterns in our house are quite comical at the moment.

Esme and I seem to end up co-sleeping at least twice a night, which could take place in any bed, and Tash seems to spend a chunk of the night awake downstairs only to retire back up with Olive when us other three head down.

Previous techniques to get Esme asleep - even when she is beyond tired - are somewhat hit and miss, and I often find myself cuddled up with her in her bed to get her to drop off.  Now I wouldn't have a problem with that, it's just I swear its a ploy to get me asleep so that she can wreck havoc.  Just the other night she escaped downstairs and emptied Tash's cup of tea all over the floor, which when questioned with 'where the hell were you?' all I had in my defense was 'I must have dropped off'.

And then she might wake in the night.  So we can end up cuddled up again, in either her or my bed.  Sometimes I think I prefer her bed, this photo shows the space she leaves me in my own bed.  And no, its not that enormity of empty mattress behind her, she believes I can levitate for her to be able to lay on her right.

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