Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Arrival of Olive

Last Friday, on the 14th, Olive joined us in the big wide world.

She was born by 'natural' lotus c-section, and Tash was joined in theatre by our good friend, and Doula, Mel who took this amazing photo of 'the moment' - as well as many others.

It was the first one they had performed at Addenbrookes, and by the sounds of it she was joined by half a class room for the occasion.

As for me, I was at home.  Supposed to be taking care of the kids but actually trying to nap with Esme and recover.  Recover from what I don't really know, but some months ago I woke up feeling run down with a headache and so took some paracetamol.  It sent me all funny, and I had to have a lie down with Esme that morning.  The exact same had happened to me again on Friday, hence me trying to sleep with Esme, but I woke to a text from Mel saying Olive had arrived and I tried to rub my eyes into focus and work out if I could stand.

I have never felt so weird.  Short version of a long story is I got myself together and used what little energy I had to drive to the hospital.  The effort it took wiped me out, I couldn't remember Tash's name when it came to buzz into the ward, and I spent the next few hours laid on the floor waiting for my Dad to arrive to drive me and the kids back home!

As I result I was quite excited about Saturday, it really felt like the first time I was seeing them both since the birth.

She's the sweetest little thing, and it's so lovely to see the kids around her.  Esme thinks its the most wonderful thing ever, as we are always reminded with shouts of "bbbbaaaaaiiiiibbbbeeeeeeeee" followed by cuddles that could break the poor girls tiny bones.  Alfie is a little more select about his affection, but every once in a while he loves to have a hold and a cuddle.

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