Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Motorcycle Emptiness

Now this is nothing new, it happens to me every year.  I spend a good number of weeks looking forward to the TT, then a fortnight glued to Manx Radio following the races, and then ....

Just its worse this time, cos we were actually there!

Just generally I like maps, and I thought to myself it would be awesome to have a map of the track or the island amongst the other automotive memorabilia around the house.  And then tonight, whilst Tash was clearing out the bookcase, she stumbled across an old OS map we bought at Hitchin market years ago!  It has absolutely made my day and is dated 1950.  Need to make a trip to the framers now!

Whilst i'm still blathering on about the TT here's a nice documentary made by Aljazeera.  I'd forgotten all about it until I stumbled across it the other day.  I also now need to buy Closer To The Edge, but thats cause Esme is obsessed with it and I'm getting a little tired of the 2 minute trailer on Google Play!

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