Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Can Always Beat Your Dad

Tides looked good, winds were OK, I agreed to take Alfie and so once again WE WERE FISHING!

We must always fish this Saturday each year cos once again I found myself racing the clock to get to Bill's before the delayed Senior TT race started. 

We fished Saturday and I got the first glimpse of that moment when your son starts bearting you.  Well not quite Boyo!  At one point is was Bill 4, Alfie 2 and 1 to me but I rallied to make it 4-2-2.  Catching schoolie bass on his little telescopic was great fun though, he is going to love it once he can master holding a rod AND winding!

All photos from the day are here.

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Mariah Jones said...

haha! This kid is cute. Now I'm getting excited to fish with my husband and kids too! We will definitely go out for some Gamefishing Vanuatu maybe next month. Thanks for the idea!