Friday, July 05, 2013

The Highs And Lows Of Emigration

Early in the week there was highs - house is valued well, goes on the market next week at £174, 995, and should give us a little bit once mortgage/estate agents/solicitors etc are paid.

Then came the lows when we had the shipping company round.  I had been given a ballpark of £3.4k.  When the chap left he said he thought it would be more like double that.  It seems it might be about £6k. Good job there is money in the house!

And then we found a gorgeous little place we are trying to negotiate to rent for three months. It's amazing.   Search Days Bay, Wellington on google images and look at the beauty.  I could fish every day too!!

And cos we tried to make the house pretty there were flowers on the table which Esme made into a cute photo.

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