Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dragstalgia - Warning : Motorsport Is Dangerous

Right now its pretty hard to blog and I'm just not getting time in the day.  The Gathering is coming round fast, we emigrate in 8 weeks, and with the temperature being above 25 (oh yes, summer has arrived!) Esme is going to bed until about 9pm most nights - hence time in the evenings is short and precious.

Anyway, last weekend Claire and Jody paid us a visit.  It was Claires birthday on Friday and so, like last year when we first all met, we hit Santa Pod for Dragstalgia.

We had a cracking time, with one notable incident coming to pass.  Claire and I were returning with ice creams to realise that track action had stopped.  And as we looked up we realised the ambulance and rescue vehicles were on the track.  Turns out a top fuel bike had ejected its pilot.  We reached Tash and Jody to find out what happened only to learn an oil breather can had been launched to their direction on the bank.  It was quite a near miss for the group next to us by all accounts!  The picture at the top shows just how far it had been launched, and travelled just as high as it did along!

Here's some pics, all the rest are here.

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