Saturday, July 20, 2013

Alfies Olympics

Yesterday we had the joy of attending Alfies first ever school sports day.

With temps still pushing towards 30 degrees we grabbed some shade before the races began.

Races which included ...

a relay race;

 an obstacle race;

and ye olde faithful potato and spoon race.

Oh, and the highlight of the day - the Dads race.  Which, even having run barefoot, I still managed to defeat a strong lineup to take the gold medal!

Followed by a picnic - where Esme are everyones apple;

 And some ice cream;

and a quick play in the park;

where we learnt Tash has a head the same size as a three year old.

and then the moment which must really tear at teachers heart strings - when they say goodbye to kids they have seen develop for the past three years.  Or in Alfies case, just a year, as they said farewell to him too.  Next Tesday will be his last day at Gravenhurst 'Pippins & Bramleys' Preschool, the next day he attends school will be in Wellington!  His key worker, Leah, got him an amazing bag of goodies including a super cool Hot Wheels Pontiac Firebird (the bonnet opens!!) and a Batman sticker book which we are saving for the flight.

There isn't too much I'm sad about leaving behind in England, but his school really is one of them.  Its an amazing little place, and he has done so well there and has loved it from his first moments.  I just hope we can find somewhere equally awesome in NZ.

Here's a few other pics from the day;

And all the other many photos are here.

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