Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Harry's bestest friend

The story below was sent to me by Keith this morning and I thought I would share it. Just to give you some background, Dudley is a black Lab who also happens to be Harry's bestest friend in the world. They only have to clap eyes on each other and they are happy to roll around for hours - unusual since Harry is generally quite a grumpy sod. Anyway, here is it ... oh and Dudley's owner is Roy, who is a really lovely bloke ... enjoy!!

"Well - the morning had been eventful!!!
Decided to take Harry out at half 8. Got to the end of our road and who's at the junction .... ?
With no Roy.
So i wait for a minute while keeping Dudley occupied and still no Roy.
I doubt whether it's Dudley, but I'm pretty sure its him - he certainly seems to respond to that name.

At that point some ladies were walking their kids to school came past. One of them asked if it was my dog and i said it wasn't but i think i know it. As you can imagine getting hold of Dudley was a nightmare with Harry in the other hand and she offered to take Harry while i got Dudley.

No name on the tag, but a phone number - so i called it and Roy answered. I said i had Dudley, and he said he'd rush back.

The very nice lady then walked Harry back to the house while i walked Dudley, stuck Harry's lead on Dudley and the extendable lead on Harry. She then walked harry and i walked Dudley up to the field, where she went off and i took them both."

(Still keeping up??)

"They actually walked quite nicely along the path and up the field for a change. So i waited till we got past the house with the dog (i didn't want Dudley to do a runner back to the road) and let them both off (good job i had those treats with me!). We got to half way and all of a sudden Dudley stopped and looked back.

Then he was gone - literally legged it

and of course our fearless hound went in support.

Thankfully i HOLLERED his name and Harry stopped. Then when i ran he ran after me, i showed a treat and he came up to me, sat, and let me get him on a lead.

Then i legged it down the path!

As we got near the bottom i thought i could see a figure. Thankfully it was Roy and Dudley must somehow have known he was there."

So there you are boys and girls, the story of true friendship between dogs when you'll give up treats and your own dad to run with your best friend in his hour of need.

According to Keith he's grown a few more grey hairs after this incident, and Roy still has NO idea how Dudley escaped. Personally I have images of ninja style fence scaling tactics, because as anyone familiar with Labs will know, they're not exactly master tacticians, bless 'em.

You never can tell though, next time you see a Lab give you a long hard stare, he may well be plotting your downfall!!

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