Thursday, August 25, 2011

VSCC at Prescott Hillclimb

This happened back on Sunday 7th August.  There was two weeks to go 'till RRG11 and David and I made the trip through the Cotswold countryside to see Prescott in full swing.  We wanted one final chance to chat with the staff, evaluate how our planned layout might work, and see how a well established event got the most out of such a prestigious and attractive venue.

We love the VSCC guys, they were 'in attendance' at our first event in 2007, and they filled the paddock with some awesome machinery.  And educated me on how a fireguard should really be used!

I wasn't there to take snaps, but there were a huge number of cars that caught the eye.  And some impressive machinery being pedalled up the hill!

The Cotswold countryside makes such a beautiful backdrop, I swear its impossible not to have a good time at Prescott.

And much like the Goodwood Revival, folk like to really get in the mood.  Be that with a luxury picnic in the orchard ...

... or watching the track action from the comfort of your sofa (in the back of your truck!)


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