Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Incident of the Sugar Coated Son

It was only a matter of time until it happened.  A stealth trip into Alfie's room in the depths of the night, I close the baby gate behind me on my way out only for me (in my not really awake state) to fail to realise the baby gate has not closed correctly.

Usually I would have placed money on Alfie having made straight for our room when he woke.  But this is Alfie, and he rarely does as expected.  And so this morning Tash and I awoke to hear the faint 'chink chink' of glass bottles downstairs.  As Tash dozily wondered "can he get to any bottles in his room?" I was already off down the stairs to see what he was up to.

And what was I greeted with?  Two (already) empty vokda bottles on the kitchen floor, Alfie sat on look-out with Harry under the stairs, and a kilo bag of caster sugar sat just outside their 'den'.

And it was then that I learnt;




Its not often he starts his days with a shower, but today was one such day.  And all before 7am.

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