Friday, October 19, 2012

Dinosaurs Down The Road

Tash had been especially keen to visit Knebworth house this summer.  Our first attempt was scuppered by some popular music group taking over the venue and so we tried again a few weeks back (29/09).

Little did I realise but its basically a big dinosaur jungle with a side order of giant wooden play den.  Oh my God, it was awesome!!!

As we started our wander we were greeted by a little chalk board where kids had scrawled various dinosaur type images.  Alfie went crazy with chalk, and Tash had a little doodle too ... but I'll come back to all that later.

As we walked on I found this awesome lake and fallen tree.

We also met the plastic chap on the bench.

And then we went on the hunt for dinosaurs.

Alfie and I had an awesome time running about and he loved shouting out to Tash, Esme and I to pinpoint where the dino's were hiding.  No doubt that he full grasped their enormity too!

Dinosaurs didn't scare me though!

With Stegasaurus tamed we made our way to the wooden fort.  We passed by the aforementioned chalk board to see that amazingly Tash's picture hadn't been erased by some toddler.  It had been the victim of 'yoof' and been valdalised instead!!  I laughed SO HARD!

What I was greeted by when we reached the fort was the BEST.  PLAY AREA.  EVER.  They even let Alfie go down the sack slides on his own!

Esme thought it was a pretty amazing place too!  The state of the knees says it all!

And the perfect way to end the day, the family on a swing!

All my pics from the day are here.

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