Monday, November 26, 2012

Not Yer Normal Day Off Work

Tash had Friday off work.  The main reason was for the 12 week scan of the latest mini Batsford that's currently growing inside her and causing no end of discomfort.  It ended up being a lot more non-stop than we imagined tho!

This was largely caused by a voicemail left on Tash's phone. Now when we first had ideas on New Zealand, and we are talking well over a year ago here, I filled out an application form for the TV show Wanted Down Under. The main reason being it would be the only shot we'd have at taking a look at Wellington before actually taking the plunge.  Anyway, we heard nothing back.

That was until Friday when Tash came running in saying ' you have to listen to this voicemail!'  As you can imagine, it was the producers of Wanted Down Under who wanted to speak to us!  We both did our telephone interviews and apparently we'll hear back within a fortnight if we're successful.  Personally I don't think we will, I think we're too far down the process and too committed to already going.  But it's quite exciting never the less.  If we're successful I might have to apply for Strictly!

To complete my day of madness she then found the most awesome Christmas present for Alfie - which apparently he wouldn't put down in the store- but didn't buy it.  So I had to head out in Friday rush hour to make sure we got one.  You know that Christmas film where Arnie has to get that action figure for his boy, and races around everywhere to get one?  That's pretty much how I felt!

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