Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Birthday

The end of Feb was my birthday.  My first ever in summer time!  The day itself was fairly rubbish, rounded off by Alfie stealing all the Oreos from the top of my cake the following night, but the few days around it were suitably awesome.

About a week before I managed to get an appointment with Max Fecondo before he disappeared back to Australia and collected a cool little shark tattoo from him.


 A few days later and we were out to Lower Hutt to see a super cool busker circus.  The kids loved it.  It was brilliant to enjoy a circus which was zero animal but maximum entertainment.  It had such a super Kiwi feel to it too, the whole 'outdoor entertainment, pay what you can afford' seems pretty commonplace and I really like it.  Alfie loves doing his 'tricks' at the moment, and he came away from here just wanting to do more and more!

My birthday was on the Monday - I got cake!

And then the following weekend I was out on a boat to the famous 'trench' to catch fish.  Called the trench because the seismic activity has created a massive drop off which goes down to around 1000 metres!  For my liking the boat was a little overcrowded, and this meant that when I had a big fish on it was brought aboard further down the boat and was dealt with before I had any chance to see it close up or get a photo.  However, it was awesome - simply for watching dolphins play in the boats bow wave, and getting to watch a sperm whale splash about.  The biggest fish I caught was the Hapuka (Groper), and you can see from the photo of them in the crate that they were a damn good size!

Fuck Seaworld, nothing beats seeing these incredible creatures in their natural environment.

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