Friday, December 15, 2006

Harry 4 - Christmas Tree 0

That's right folks - the total of baubles savaged by the great bagle of Arlesey (that's got a kind of ring to it actually) now stands at 4, and the tree is starting to look a little bare around the bottom.

Most worrying of all is the fact that he has now moved onto the crunchable kind of bauble and the shards that were found on the floor were not equal to the 2 baubles that were missing.

Cue phonecall to very understanding vet

Was he showing signs of wanting to throw up? - Tash looks across to a very smug and sleepy looking Harry who could possibly even have been poking his tongue out at me (possibly just the light though)

Nope, no signs of throwing up.

OK well then just make sure the plastic comes out of the other end then.

Great. Bring on the glittery poo!! If only the glitter meant it would smell less pungent eh?

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