Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Tash woke up in the night. Or it might have been the early morning. I wasn't really awake. But I remember her saying two words "It's snowed!".

So a few hours later we woke to a generous covering of the white stuff, and a forecast of cold weather for the next fortnight. It made my morning walk with the dogs fun, as Harry especially loves the snow, and with a nice still morning it was all quite pleasant.

Once home I attacked the paths with the broom, and cleared the garden. It's not that I don't like snow, just that I wish it would stay to the mountains for when I go boarding! And I don't need icy paths, thank you very much. Icy paths apart though, I have been feeling immensely festive recently and this did kinda add to my Christmas excitement.

All done before 10am too, which is when Dad arrived for us to head off to footy.

Which reminds me - I do the Goal Rush coupon with Ladbrokes each week. I usually stick a couple of quid on two lines, one of 5 games, one of 10. Basically both teams need to score in each game for me to win. Last week my 5 game line came good, and I netted £37. Result. Now hoping the 10 game line comes in, that would be £800!

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