Thursday, November 18, 2010

The secret diary of Alfie Batsford - AGED ONE!

Tonights going to be a funny one. On the downside, I am sat here anticipating that Alfie will start to scream at any minute. A combination of teething and a cold has made my son a coughing, sneezing, drooling mess... and this continues during his sleep too! On the plus side, Tash is at Ammie's tonight and so I have free reign of the TV remote and am able to sit here and watch Top Gear (the Bugatti/Place race as luck would have it!) without being moaned at for 'always watching Top Gear'.

So with a backdrop of a roaring W16 engine and an (occasionally) roaring child it seems like a good time to update the blog.

Following my last blog update, i'm pleased to say the chicken run is now properly finished, and it works an absolute treat!

[momentary interuption] its now 7pm, and i've just spent the past half hour with Alfie. He is still awake. This does not bode well for tonight.[/momentary interuption]

Now with fully fitted roof, operating door, and luxury bark flooring, its the place to be seen for the chook about town!

To remind you, this is the before ...

And this is the after! ...
Tash had last Friday off work to celebrate Alfie's birthday. We took a short trip down to St Albans, enjoyed a Wagamama's, ... and then broke the bank and bought him ....... a bouncy ball. Seriously, just a bouncy ball. But there IS a dinosaur in it. And its the toy he wanted most from the toy store. Once we arrived home, and Alfie was put to bed .... Tash and I cooked. By that I mean that I made jelly, and Tash cooked. She did brilliantly, and cooked up a fantastic feast including chickpeas and spinach, sauce for the meatballs, and 'Alfie friendly' cupcakes.

On Saturday we celebrated Alfie's birthday, and had an amazing day down at Fred & Lyd's ... now known as The Holmer Green Toddlers Leisure Centre. Lyd and Ammie has also cooked their hearts out, and we had a spread of food fit for Christmas day as much as a kiddies first birthday. All our friends and their little ones arrived, and we had a lovely time watching them have a lovely time. I'm really disappointed with my photos, but here's a shot which perfectly captures what the day was about ... mayhem around the dinner table! Massive thanks to everyone who made Alfie's day so special!

This week has seen us make a trip to London, to visit Jeff Ortega at Evil From The Needle in Camden. I got 30 minutes with Jeff to finish my pin-up girl (the startline lights needed colour), and then Tash sat under the needle for a few hours.

Whilst she was being inked, Alfie and I met up with Sal for lunch (another Wagamama's trip!) and then Alfie and I explored the canals a little. You can see how excited he was, and we found some really cool stuff.
The only other thing to note recently was that I did some welding on Hens car yesterday. With light disappearing quickly I took to welding most of it without a mask and simply closing my eyes. Today my eyelids feel like they were attacked by blowtorch wielding harvest mice during the night! I admit it, I even moisturised my eyelids this morning!

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