Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well they say things come in 3's don't they!

Bugs (1)
Tash brought home some festive lurgy recently, and very kindly spread it through the household. I think even Colin the chincilla has caught it, cos he's just sleeping all day! I just hope we are all back to full health for Christmas - which I am hugely excited about! It's run us all down though and we've not really managed to do a lot, apart from some Christmas shopping when Tash's Mum visited and insisted on taking us all out!

Some of you may need to sit down before reading this, and yes I do have photographic proof. On Tuesday I collected my bug from the bodyshop! I'm looking forward to starting putting it all back together next year now.

Bugs (3)
And finally, when all cuddled up on the sofa and feeling sorry for ourselves something caught Alfie's eye on TV. Yep, The Love Bug was being shown and Alfie wanted to watch! Not happy to be on the sofa anymore, he wanted to sit in his own wheels to watch!

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