Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Five Days To Go!

Five days till Christmas. Cannot wait!

And just to be properly festive, on the weekend the snow started. And England stopped.

It fell fast and thick. Tash was out, but thankfully got back OK. Probably just in time because as the day went on it was clear the roads were a mess.

Each weekend I visit Ladbrokes and do their Goal Rush coupon. Basically you bet on games where you think both teams will score. I usually do one with 5 games, and one with 10. I had my bet all planned, and was waiting for Tash to get back to I could go to the bookies. Yet as time passed Radio5 were telling me of more and more games that were postponed! When you can't find 5 football games to bet on you know the weather's gotta be pretty bad!!

But Christmas is getting nearer and nearer and I'm getting ever more excited. Alfie discovered the Christmas tree the other day ... I cannot wait till Christmas Day when its surrounded with presents for him to climb over!

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