Monday, June 27, 2011

Mercury Rising

Today was summer.  Our one day of 30 degree heat that arrives between June and August.  WOOHOO - Time to bunk off work, dust off the Bermuda shorts, pour oneself a Pimms and - being British - moan that its TOO DAMN HOT!

Or, if you're a professional Dad in Arlesey, you enjoy the fact you need dress your son in little else than a nappy and make a beeline for Hitchin's outdoor pool!

It was actually Tash's suggestion, and a genius one at that, as we hadn't had Alfie in a pool since last July at Chateau de Chanteloup and he's always adored playing in a pool.  Now at 19 months I was sure he would have a ball!  Sadly Hitchin Pool is one of those places that sides with the f*cking ridiculous though, and I'm disappointed to say they don't allow photography.  This may not be a problem for most, but a) I want photos of the fun I have with Alfie and b) I don't like blogging without photos and I knew I'd want to blog about today!

Everything went to plan ... until we arrived.  The queue was out the door!  You would have though the reception was selling tickets to the Olympics not entrance to a sodding swimming baths!  I realise Alfie is pretty light, at least as far as 19 month old kids go anyway, but to have to hold him for 20 minutes in the burning midday sun on the hottest day of the year was not my ideal start to our fun and games.

Our £4.30 paid, we changed and made our way outside and to the kiddies pool.  The outdoor area was pretty busy, but that was great for Alfie and his sociable nature.  Alfie wandered down the few steps into the pool and clearly loved the fact I'd taken him somewhere to escape the heat of the day.  Once dunked (cos its important to get your head under!) we had a ball messing about together, and he thought it was hilarious watching all the other kids playing and laughing and shouting.  He floated about on his back, cruised up and down and up and down, spent a long time climbing out and jumping in, and did lots and lots of splashing!  And the whole thing was carried out to the shrieking/laughing/giggling soundtrack that only a little one can provide!  Seeing him stood up in a swimming pool really rang home just how much he's grown up in the past year.

And the icing on the cake was spotting someone with a blackberry.  She very kindly agreed to take a photo of Alfie and I, therefore providing visual documentation of the most perfect morning!

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