Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Visiting Nettlebed - June Edition

It's when we go to see Catherine and Chloe that I really realise how quick these little ones are growing up.

The hair gets longer, the running faster, and the interaction ever more emphatic!

We made the trip to Nettlebed yesterday, had a lovely walk in the morning, let Millie (the dog) tire out Alfie and Chloe, and then drank tea whilst kids slept! Oh, and whilst Catherine repaired/beat up my Alfie abused neck and back. 

It was a lovely day, and as always Alfie and Chloe had fun together

Their playing does now seem to involve more bullying/biting/scratching/throwing than it used to .... and more karate, as this photo shows!

Tell ya what though, those people who claim that kids don't play together until they are three are SO wide of the mark!

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