Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I didn't Realise I Had So Much To Write About

Its been a little while since I updated the blog, and when I flick back through recent photos I see I realised I haven't really been up to much.  Don't get me wrong, a lot has happened, but not much that's either completed nor photographed.

A lot of time has most definitely been spent working, and one thing that's for sure is that the years Gathering is going to be the best ever ... by some way!  And amidst this, the Benz battery failing and agreeing to buy a caravan I seem to have done a fair bit in the kitchen.

Last week I had the urge to make crab ravioli on ginger veg soup - my first experience into the world of homemade pasta!

It turned out great though, and I was amazed at how easy the pasta roller was to use!  I had made the soup and crab filling before Tash got home, and once she arrived we had a long sheet of pasta rolled out within a couple of minutes!

Thankfully it all turned out really well, and its something I'll be giving a go again in the future.  And Alfie adored it too!

This was followed up by making my first brew of Nettle Beer.  Its a slightly different recipe this time round, notably using less nettle tips.  One week to go till its gets bottled, and three weeks till the tasting!

And finally I put some of our old bread to good use by making Vanilla Bread Ice Cream!  I had a quick taste while I was churning and its lovely, but the real tasting will come tonight with some rhubarb crumble! I cannot wait!

Whilst warbling on about food it reminds me - we had an offer from Able & Cole recently.  As most of you know we have our fruit and veg (and often much more) delivered by Abel & Cole.  Its an organic box scheme, and they are a fantastic company who make you feel like you're dealing with your local greengrocer each week - and everything is traceable!  A small fruit and veg box is about £15, and if any of you have been tempted to give one of these organic box schemes a go NOW is the time to do it.  Why now?  Cos if you call them now, and ask for a box (just a one off is fine) and say Tash recommended you we'll get a free box and you'll get a free gift too!

There's a few other things I've spotted recently which I'm going to add to the blog too.  You remember Eddie Kidd?  He was a stunt rider back in the 80's, and with me being a child of the 80's its a name I definitely knew.  I certainly didn't know his full life story though, and this story left me at a loss for words!  A real hero!
Whilst I'm working I always have Twitter open as its a good medium to keep in touch with people who are involved with the show.  It also mean I get loads of cool stuff coming my way, like this video.  I can't seem to embed from vimeo here so just click this link instead.

And last, but most definitely not least, is the news that yesterday we had another midwife appointment.  I'm sure Tash will go into more detail in her blog but crucially we got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time.  Gavin & Stacey fans might remember when Smithy & Nessa went for the scan, and they had that 'whoa, there's a baby in there' moment of realisation - well I think hearing the heartbeat gave me/us ours yesterday!

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