Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Gate Escape!

Those of you who have visited over recent months (years?) will surely have noticed the the entrance to our property has become somewhat worn and not entirely fit for use.

With the new pagoda going up, the plan was always to move the gate in line with the end of the barn, and at the same time sort out a new gating solution.

And so when Tash's first compressed day of April came round, and she and Alfie went to the play group, I spent a few hours in the barn building a new gate whilst listening to Will Carling bumble on about rugby on TalkSPORT. 

I had to build a new wider gate, and also sort out some of the slightly worn parts.  The hinges had definitely seen better days!

This is the last picture I took.  As you can see, I used a baton to screw everything in place and then hung the hinges to take out all the slack.  Since then I have acquired a new set of hinges from the scrap yard which are quite simply gorgeous!  The new gate has cost me completely £0, being a combo of wood left in the barn loft and the old gate.

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