Monday, May 09, 2011

And Yet Another Picnic!

The first weekend of May saw Rach and Ryan in England (visiting from Down Under) and we managed to catch up with them for a picnic in Hyde Park with Team Ferg.

Once again the sun had his hat on, and we all enjoyed a lovely time together... especially as Ryan brought beer that he wanted drinking!  After enjoying paninis, salad and mini sausages the girls disappeared to the cafe for a catchup (read; the girls disappeared to the bar to talk sh!t, drink wine, and moan about us men).

Dave, Ryan and I were left with Dan, Joe and Alfie.  Before long Dave and I went for a walk to take the kids over to the big wheel and other rides situated in Hyde Park.  This left Ryan chilling out on a picnic blanket enjoying the sun.

What we came back to was an entirely different scenario though!  Ryan had decided to take a seat on a park bench and keep an eye on our belongings from afar.  Maybe this is acceptable in Australia, but what Dave and I returned to see was an Antipodean laid back on a park bench, can of Fosters in hand, shouting at anyone that went within 20 yards of our kit.  I do feel sorry for those who had to endure him for the 24 hours of their flight home!

In fairness, it wasn't quite that bad, but Dave and I sure saw the funny side of it!  It was a perfect day out, and we cannot wait till Christmas when they fly back to visit once more!

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