Monday, May 09, 2011

Gravel Trap at Turn Eight!

With my trip to Ilford out of the way, and a sense of normality returning to my life I was determined to get the garden finished off.  Nettles were starting to take hold, and with Alfie and I spending more and more time outside I want the place to be safe (well, as safe as anything ever gets for me) and pleasant.

I got home late on Monday 2nd, and Tuesday was Tasha's day off.  This gave me the perfect chance to get things moving.  A trip to a few DIY centres saw me armed with a membrane to go down over the paths and a few bags of gravel to throw down on top.  The plan was to get the membrane down to keep the weeds at bay, and the gravel on top to sort out the main path and give me an idea of how much gravel I would actually need to do the whole garden.

As you can see, it all went down smoothly but it quickly became apparent the small bags of gravel would not be the way to go about things.

The massive bags you can buy are about 1 tonne in weight.  Its £175 from Focus, £60 from Wickes, but just £41 from a place I found online via ebay.  Instead of waiting till next month - which was my original plan - I jumped right in and placed an order!

I spent the next few days getting the rest of the membrane down, waiting for my Friday delivery.

Friday arrived, and by 8am so had my gravel!

I dragged the wheelbarrow into operation, and Alfie and I spent a while getting some of the gravel down on the paths.  Its fantastic having him wanting to get involved and help with everything I do.

Its hard work moving a tonne of gravel though, and he soon got tired.  We stopped for some food and he then went down for a well deserved nap.  While he recharged his batteries I got to work finishing everything off.

We are a touch short on gravel though, and so we'll need another bag next month to get it all completed.

But I'm sure you'll agree that the garden now looks like a very welcoming place!


Justine said...

Looks fab and make the most of Alfie helping, it stops when he hits the teenage years lol

Justine said...

Looks fab and make the most of Alfie helping, it stops when he hits the teenage years lol