Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Old McWimpole Has A Farm ....

The first weekend of April we were joined by Team Ferg' on a visit to Wimpole Farm.  It was the time when lambs are being born, and the womenfolk offered the excuse of  "the kids will want to see the lambs" whilst actually meaning "hopefully the kids will run off and I'll see a cutesy baby lamb be born".

Apologies for Dave for not being included in the photo.  You can see Sal struggling under the weight of two, and when Dave attempted to jump on her back she went down faster than Blackpool Town!

Alfie met goats.  I have to admit I quite like goats, and when I one day have enough land to home a pig I think I shall also look for a goat.  I'll be sure not to build any bridges, I wouldn't want to risk trolls!

Oh, and on the note of pigs.  Everyone thinks of them as cute little squeaky pink squishy things ...

BUT .... don't get them hungry! Seriously, lock up your toddlers, they become rearing lumps of howling madness!

The boys found a massive hay den to play in!  Dan and Joe loved to climb up as high as they could, whilst Alfie mostly tried to stay low to ensure he came out looking like Worsel Gummage!

And being a farm there was tractors - something Joe was very pleased about!

And Tash - i mean Alfie - even got to see a wee little lamb!

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