Monday, September 05, 2011

Feed Him To The Tigers!

And so with it being Bank Holiday Monday, and our son in his usual Pterrordactyl mood, we decided to find our most local Tigers to feed our little son too!

I still live in a world lit by candlelight (she never lets me have the light on in the lounge ya see) and the simplest of technological advances blow me away.  Wondering what to do with an additional day to our weekend I successfully discovered an unknown wildlife park, found its opening times, and even worked out how much it would cost us ..... from the breakfast table ..... ON MY PHONE!!

So we set off for Shepreth Wildlife Park, only about 30 mins from us but we never knew it was there!  They have weird furry creatures, guaranteed to be a hit with kids!

And all of the exhibits are within enclosures that have fairly low walls so you can see in really easy, which makes you feel a lot closer to the animals.  There was some really well thought out pens too.  I neglected to include the animals in this shot, so god only who was inside, but it looks like a fun place to be don'tyathink?

It definitely wasn't the weird furry creatures though, they were elsewhere still eating lunch!

All these open pens did have me slightly concerned for when it came to the Tigers.  Although I figured it would make it easier to feed Alfie to them!

I was relieved to find them safety contained behind some steel mesh though.  The same steel mesh that the local chicken shop says won't keep out foxes!  But I guess foxes won't attack Tigers anyway.

As it turned out feeding Alfie to the Tigers would have been much easier than I though, he seemed to be quite willing 'Tiger Bait'

Alfie had an awesome time squawking at all the animals though.  Even if his face didn't always show it.

They have an open bat 'cave' where the bats fly all around you which is pretty cool!  Even if only one bat came out to play. 

And there is also a super cool reptile enclosure where kids can really get up close and actually see whats inside.  Alfie was a big fan of the Bearded Dragons!

As every parent does, we had bought some fish food to feed the fishes that live in the big pond.  I'm tempted to report them to Trades Description people though cos what they actually sell is 'try and feed the fish while the f*cking swans eat everything' food. 

This gorgeous little bird joined in though - I have no idea what it is, answers on a postcard!  Its a real sweet little thing, the kinda animal that you hope means 'money luck and love' just so you can find a reason for having it tattooed!

The history of  Shepreth is originally a family home that became a rescue shelter.  At first primarily for hedgehogs, and everything has grown from there.  As more animals have come in, the place has got bigger ... and I like to think the park grew up around the tractor until they could no longer get it out.  And so they fenced it in.

Shepreth also has a kids play area indoors by the canteen, an outdoor adventure zone, and a kids research/discovery 'treehouse'.  It was fantastic, I recommend it to anyone who needs to amuse small people!

They also have signs which would do good as Tshirts for Alfie!

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