Friday, September 30, 2011


Alfie has reached 'that age', an age where he is MAX everything.  Exploring the boundaries of everything ... from the basic limits of 'klutz' right through to the edges of my patience.

Today is an ideal example of this, and Tash rightly pointed out I should make a note of such events for future reference.

The morning was crazy, trying to get stuff sorted around the house and some bits prepared for the weekend.  We've had this freak 27+ degree weather recently and so it seemed the ideal opportunity to let Alfie play and run around whilst I was in the kitchen ... meaning he had full access to the kitchen as well as the garden.

With bottles filled and buckets brimmed he went about causing mayhem ... requiring me every few minutes to correct his behaviour.  First he tried to 'superman' through his chair, then it was attempting to steal knives from the kitchen worktop, covering the garden path in a carpet of straw, trying to break into the barn ....

For 5 minutes I had my back turned to make some pastry.  I turned back round to find the outside was inside.  A perfect tripwire lined up behind me consisting of watering cans, buckets, playhouse stools, dog bowls ...

You know that film Parenthood?  Remember that little kid?  If not, let me jog your memory;

Well Tash and I have often said "thats gonna be Alfie!" .... And then this morning it finally happened ...

But lunch would come and afterwards he would nap and I could straighten out the house.  Or so I thought.  We had lunch and he was put to bed, that much is true.  But nap he did not.  After an hour of listening to what could easily be mistaken for seismic activity in his bedroom I figured a) he might as well play outside if he was awake and b) I'd better see what destruction he was up to.  Amongst his usual destruction it appears he can now remove pictures from his walls via the cunning bed/storage box combo!

Once back downstairs he continued from where he left off.  Largely using his little stool to gain as much height as he could manage.  He climbed the chicken pen;

He tried to whack the washing with a fishing pole;

He climbed up to the kitchen light switches.  And when he got caught he gave me that 'what? I wouldn't do anything wrong' look;

He climbed the raised beds;

And he even tried to mount an escape!

And so my day finishes and I am totally shattered.  Absolutely cream crackered.  But truth be told I wouldn't have it any other way!

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