Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Sherlock Returns!

I seem to have been asked quite frequently "have you found that snake yet?" to which my reply has always been that I didn't expect to until the weather warmed.

I had a suspicion he was curled up somewhere and was keeping himself nice and snug whilst our house was a bit chilly.  The past few days things have started to warm up though, and the sun has started to show a little more during the day.  It has been so nice I had actually meant to jump into the loft and turn the heating off!

Maybe I was right too, cos on Tuesday Tash turned to walk up the stairs and stopped dead in her tracks.  "Should there be a snake on the stairs!?" she called out!

And there was Sherlock, just sat there halfway up the staircase.  Tash found an ice cream tub and we gathered him up so I could get his viv back up to temperature before he was reintroduced to home.  I took the opportunity to grab some photos of him too, something I really wished I had done when we bought him.  He had been missing almost exactly 2 months!

Once the viv was nice and warm I put him back in with just his warm hide, a bowl of water, and a furry.  Snakes can go ages without food so I wasn't too worried about his hunger but water is more crucial for them.  He went straight for the water bowl and proceeded to drink like a fish!

Happy that he was OK I left him alone for a while.  I popped my head back in to check on him about an hour later when Alfie went to bed and I managed to catch him just finishing off the furry!  Happy that he had eaten and drunk I reassembled his viv ... and made sure the new roof was 100% escape-proof!

I am so chuffed to have him back, it was the best way to start my birthday!  I'm gonna leave him alone for a few weeks and let him settle back in.  I imagine its been quite stressful for him.  Then I'll start to get him used to being handled which I cannot wait for!

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