Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mark Webber Bought Me A Fishing Rod

Here's where I tell a tale of how I bumped into the Red Bull F1 driver Mark Webber in my local tackle shop and after tipping him how to catch monster bass he thanked me by buying me the Daiwa Kenzaki fishing rod I'd been after for over a year!  But that would be fabrication, lies, tall stories and white elephants.

I did however get my rod, and Mark Webber did indeed play a large part in the process.  The story is a very short, simple and sweet one though.  I like to have a bet on the F1 and saw the bookies offering me 25/1 on Mark Webber to win the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend.  With the Red Bull looking fast, Webber typically driving better than Vettel this season, and him having won previously these seemed ridiculously long odds.  So I stuck £3 on him.  And he went and stuck his Red Bull on Pole Position!  With Monaco being notoriously hard to overtake I was over the moon and although the last ten laps had me right on the edge of my seat as the wet weather closed in he drove an awesome race and netted me £78.

And yesterday my new toy arrived!  I spent ages researching rods and looking for something that was not only up to everything I might throw at it, but also nice and compact.  The Kenzaki is available as a 2 piece, but I chose the 3 piece as it means I'll have a rod that fits in a suitcase!  Cannot wait to get out on the boat now, the rod is simply gorgeous and feels so nice in the hand ... just need to feel it with a fish on the end now!

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