Friday, August 31, 2012

July 2012 @ FTC

OK, so this is late.  So late I nearly need to do my "August 2012 @ FTC" post.  Although that will be easy, I shall simply write "the Gathering happened" with links to photos and show reports.

Anyway, in July ....

The kids enjoyed yoghurt.

 Esme cruised.

 Alfie climbed (no surprise there then!)

The racecar shack took another step forward with the completion of the structure and another roofing section going up.

And after being quoted £40 by Stevenage Glass the caravan even got a new window!

Alfie got the best present ever.  He has a real thing for bins.  No, that isn't a typo.  He is obsessed with bins, with opening bins, with organising bins, with spotting bin men, and best of all watching men on bin day.  And so I went looking for a bin lorry for him.  Thankfully Wow! toys do the best toy ever.  Alfie still managed to find fun with the box though!

We had a tiny break in the non-stop wet summer which enabled the kids to play in the splash pool.  Thanks to our friend Michelle, who was wonderful and brought us chocolate brownie that day, for the photos!

It was also the month Tash went back to work, securing a job at Thomsons.  We celebrated by buying her a bike.  Then we all rode to Baldock and ate fish and chips.  Oh yes, we are rock AND roll!

And as I mentioned in my Olympics post we spent a nice afternoon around London after watching the Equestrian.  We visited the Cutty Sark, which was just awesome, and finished the day off with the best ever pie and mash from the best ever pie and mash shop! 

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