Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Monster Bass!

Last Tuesday (31st July) my dear son got his first real taste of fishing.  Bill had a week off, my Mum had agreed to look after Esme, and so we took a gamble that he'd have a good stomach and wouldn't be more interested in swimming than fishing.

Six months ago I would never entertained the idea of taking Alfie, in fact I remember saying I thought it wouldn't be until he was 5 or 6 until he was ready, but he's grown up so fast I felt pretty sure he'd be OK.  Maybe not enjoy it, but certainly not get bored.

We met Bill at Brightlingsea and it was actually handy to have another pair of hands to lug the gear about!  Yes, thats Alfie carrying Bills rod ... and Walla came too!

We were in the tender around high tide and knew that by the time we had the anchor down the sea would be going out.

I hate fishing high tide down, for some reason I never feel confident.  Truth be told I don't think either of us felt that confident but we were just glad to be out on the boat.  Alfie was too!

It was a slow start.  Ridiculously slow actually.  And so we decided to go in search of a 'new spot'.  We stumbled across a promising looking hole and so got the anchor down and the bait out immediately after.

It wasn't long before Bill had a rod bent double and a few minutes later the beast was netted.  

It was certainly a keeper, and I feared for my boat bass record!

I had good reason to worry, Bill had just upped the target a notch!

Alfie's reaction was hilarious.  He was very unsure of having a fish in the boat.  It certainly startled him at first.  He thought the killing of said fish was hilarious though and spent a lot of time going "Bang bang!" with a suitable whacking motion.

Bill continued to fish well, whilst I was struggling to get a bite!

By now Alfie was loving it, and could be regularly heard shouting "come on fish" and "BIG FISH!".  He even helped Bill with the unhooking!

It did have some joy though.  As I mentioned what a stinker I was having my rod tip bent double, and later I had a massive take immediately after I cast - I hadn't even had time to put the rod down!  Thankfully this also gave me a fish for dinner!

Bill wasn't done though, he bagged another belter closing in on 4lb!

And so with the skies turning on us

and a bucket full of fish

 we hoisted anchor and made for home.

Alfie had the most amazing time, and he keeps shouting "BIG FISH" and throwing his arms w.i.d.e when he seems one now! 

And it would appear he makes quite the lucky mascot for Bill!

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