Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NZ Immigration - Selected From The Pool!

Esme may have woken me up at 5am but I don't mind so much today ...

Last night Tash told me that the powers that be in NZ would be selecting applicants from 'the pool' to be selected for the next steps of immigration into NZ ... and I'm over the moon to say that WE HAVE BEEN SELECTED!!

So what now!?!?

This is what was posted on an immigration forum;

Your EOI has been selected by machine, on the basis of the number of points you say you have.

Next, officials will look at all the EOIs selected this week, to make sure that IT LOOKS AS THOUGH, with the qualifications listed, those people really have the number of points to be selected. If not, they could be put back in the pool, or refused (for instance, if they turn out to have less than 100 points really). If the officials think all is well, they will send you an ITA. (This
can all take some weeks.)

You send back the ITA, with evidence of everything you said about yourself. Then your Case Officer (CO) will take all the time it needs to check out everything you have sent in. (This can take months.) The CO will send to you for more information any time s/he finds it necessary.

When the CO gets to the point that everything seems to be true, if you don't have a job offer, s/he will set up an interview. In the interview, s/he will be judging whether you seem to be the kind of person who is employable in NZ, and if you could fit into NZ society. (There are many old threads on the forum giving you Interview Questions.) As a result of this interview, the result is one of three things - Approved in Principle for Residence, or a Job Search visa (deferred Residence) which gives the person a nine months visa to find a skilled job in NZ, or refusal.

But before the applicant is told the result, the case is checked over by a different official - there can be quite a long delay till this is done, partly depending on which office is dealing with your case.

Our NZ adventure really begin now!! 

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