Monday, July 23, 2012

Bye Bye Bantam, Bye Bye

Another reason we decided to do Dragstalgia as two individual days as opposed to a weekend away was that a few days prior to the show I agreed to a deal that would see a new motorbike coming to FTC on the Sunday morning.

Early in the week I had been browsing the 'Wanted/Swaps' message board on Retro Rides wondering if there might be a motorbike offered.  Tash's 12 mile route to work would be a lovely bike ride, and it would be perfect for her to have the option of cycling when she wants the exercise, riding when the suns out, and taking the car when it p!ssing it down.

I had previously been searching ebay but Tash had kiboshed every bike I thought had potential and would be within budget.  So when I first showed the Kawasaki GPZ500 Streetfighter to Tash I never thought she'd go for it.  Never one to be predictable she grunted some kind of wordage which meant she thought it was OK and so I sent the guy a message to see what he was after and if we could sort a deal.

I mentioned I had the Bantam although I didn't really think I wanted to part with it.  His reply was that the only thing I had that would tempt him would be the Bantam.  I really wasn't sure what to do.  I loved the idea of us having an MoT'd and usable bike, but I also liked having an old British bike.  Tash then commented "if you liked the Bantam that much you'd have done something with it by now" and she was dead right.  I hurriedly sent a reply to the chap and immediately knew I would be doing the right thing.

We agreed a deal that would be a straight swap, with the other guy bringing the GPZ to FTC and taking away the Bantam at the same time.  The deal was done with no problem last Sunday morning and I sorted insurance for us both during the week.

Enjoying time on my bicycle in recent evenings I had struggled to take out the GPZ but it was on my 'to do' list for the weekend and so last night I dusted off (literally!) my boots and checked I could still squeeze into my old leathers.  The ride this morning was perfect.  It was great to be back on two wheels, and its a perfect bike for Tash and I to remind ourselves how to ride properly. 

A few years to build up my no claims bonus and then I'm determined to add that Ducati 916 to the garage that I've been after for so many years!

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