Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What They Say About Girls And Boys ...

Its all true!

The day Tash went back to work I noticed Esme seemed to want the toilet.  But even with breakfast done she still had a clean nappy against her bum though.

Now we'd noticed some time before that she always seemed to poo when in her Bumbo, and with Alfie in the early stages of toilet training we had purchased a Bumbo toilet seat.  It was really so we knew he was comfortable as he didn't seem very comfortable on plastic pottees ... although that might have been because he tends to try and sit on them sideways!

Anyway, knowing we had the Bumbo seat I stuck her on it.  (she's gonna hate me for this photo in years to come!)

Its clearly obvious where this tale goes ... my six month old girl used the toilet.  Amazed at her success I continued to put her on the pan after meals and its worked wonders!  I can count the number of dirty nappies I've had to change in the past three weeks on one hand.  She even wakes in the night (and wakes us) if she needs to go!  Sure, her nappies are still wet, but considering this is a girl with the ability to shit up to her armpits I am over the flippin' moon about this development!

And Alfie?  Sometimes he follows suit, he likes to join her on his pottee in the bathroom occasionally.  Mostly he's still at the stage where he shouts "Dada, pooooooo!" whilst simultaneously launching his now removed dirty nappy down the hallway.

Whilst I''m on the topic of toilets and bums and such I did something quite accidental the other day that I had to photograph.  At some point on the day of Tasha's first day of work both Esme and Alfie ended up wearing matching nappies.  I'm dead against sticking kids in matching clothes but there was something about this that I found quite sweet.

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