Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NZ Immigration - EOI Submitted

With Tash now working (and particularly because it's just a six month contract) we wanted to take the opportunity to continue with our aim at one day emigrating to New Zealand.

The whole process can be very long and drawn out, and one thing we realised over the past few months was that you really are on the back foot (in terms of looking for work from the UK) if you haven't got a Visa application at least in progress.

The first step is to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) which you do online.  This 'scores' you and is their system for deciding who to let in.  140 is the cut-off for 'guaranteed acceptance' and we knew we hit that mark.

So finally last night we got round to submitting our application.  Its cost about £250-£275 but it does mean we've finally got the ball rolling down the 'proper' channel!

Very exciting ... now we just need to sit back and see if we get accepted!

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