Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Day the Torch Came to Town!

This summer sees the 2012 Olympics being held in Britain, and in true 'must build up the hype' style the Olympic Torch is being carried all around the country to give the public a chance to catch a glimpse of this famous flame. 

To be honest the whole thing is somewhat diluted in my eyes.  The torches are bused around the country and there are hundreds of torches being used.  I guess I think there should be just one torch which actually gets relayed all the way across Europe from Greece to then light the Olympic Flame when the games kicks off next month.  Anyway ...

Last Sunday (8th) was the day the Olympic Torch went through Letchworth.  Not ones to miss out on the opportunity for a thorough drenching we decided to head out into the British Summer (also known as monsoon season in more tropical climates) and see what all the fuss was about.

Knowing that the roads were all going to be closed off we opted to cycle across the greenways into Norton which was where the route for the day started.  With the kids loaded into the trailer (and us loaded with waterproofs) we set off on our short cycle.

They may not like it but I bet they were glad we zipped up the front!

And amazingly we arrived with them both looking like they enjoyed the trip!

And then we waited ...

and waited...

And finally it arrived.  Proceeded by so many buses and trucks and Hi-5'ing Policemen.  I actually videoed the whole thing ... but had no idea the whole procession would take nearly TEN MINUTES!

With that done we headed home.  The journey home seemed rather quiet and our suspicions were proved correct when we got back to FTC.  Alfie just will not sleep until he is so tired he'll drop off in the most uncomfortable of positions!

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