Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Masterton Motorplex

Long before we applied for our Visas here we scoped out the drag racing scene in NZ.  Very quickly we learnt a new track was being built at a place called Masterton.  Further investigation showed it was slowly raising funds, but once construction was complete it would be our closest race track.  Its creation is one large reason we decided to bring El Nino.

Things slowly progressed with the track, and shortly after we arrived in NZ they announced plans for the top surface to go down on the strip and an opening date of Feb 15th was given.  And of course there was no way we were going to miss it!

We had an awesome day out.  I rode the Ducati out to it, and we were greeted by a venue that reminds me of how I imagine yank tracks back in the 50s when drag racing took off after the war.

It had a great atmosphere, and the quality of cars was very impressive.   I was especially pleased to see the Famosa Speed Shop slingshot now on Kiwi soil.  After a shop feature on Speedhunters this car had been my laptop wallpaper for many months last year.  And it was sooo much more beautiful in the metal!

Now if anyone can donate me several thousand dollars for an engine so we can go racing again I'd be hugely grateful!

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