Friday, February 14, 2014

We Do Like To Be Beside The Sea

I've always felt much more at home when by the sea, and it was something we had to do when we looked to emigrate.  And we're really trying to make the most of it out here,  even if its just to get our ankles wet late in the afternoon.

Alfie now has a bodyboard and wetsuit, and he started swimming lessons last week.  We've wanted him to do them for ages but they became even more of a priority when he decided he was actually a pro surfer.

We don't get as much time in the sea as we'd like.  I still have an unused wetsuit and snorkel.  But there's so much going on in Wellington something always has to give.

I stole a sunset ride out on the Ducati the other week, but I'm still waiting to get the cranks turning on my pushbikes.

A lot happens down the waterfront though so we always get a seafront backdrop.  The waterfront is awesome actually.  I imagine so many places would be littered with signs not to jump in the water but not Wellington.  Quite the opposite,  there are actually man made structures for you to throw yourself off of into the drink!

Evans Bay is the stretch of water we look out over, and it came alive last week when a school of about 25-30 dolphins spend the afternoon playing together.  It was amazing, and really was an experience I'll never forget.  I was so pleased when Tash got home from work and got to see them too.  Need to spot one of our local penguins and then a whale next!

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