Wednesday, July 26, 2006

7th July 2006 - Moving Day

On the 7th July 2006, Keith and I finally moved into our first home together in Arlesey, Bedfordshire which we had already named Fig Tree Cottage.

As you can see from the photos, it's not a mansion, but it does have a 100ft garden, a 28'x13' brick workshop in the garden, 3 bedrooms AND a Chinese Chipshop 2 doors down!!

I won't say it was an easy move, it rained on and off all day, the trailer Keith had hired was put into a ditch the night before the move, I had a meeting that the morning and I had run out of boxes so not all of my stuff was packed.

As you will see from the photos, the house was nothing to look at and, as always seems to happen, had shrunk since we last came to see it. Either that or we truly do have more tatt than any two humans should be allowed to own.

Walking down the garden with the keys in hand. You can see the Barn to the right of Ammie

Keith and Larry move the coffee table into the lounge. Note the fireplace on the right - typically for this country, after years of craving a proper open fire, we're now having to wait until the heat wave ends to curl up in front of it with a glass of vino.

Mmmmm purrrrple. This is the second bedroom which overlooks the garden at the back.

The third bedroom, now Keith's office - a vision in Peach I think you'll agree.

The kitchen - as you can see the previous owner favoursed the 'minimalist' approach to cooking.

The smiles say it all really. Keith and Larry during one of my rare amusing moments.

We ended that day in a bit of a crumpled heap, Keith having shifted his possessions in a marathon 17 hour relay and me because I had been babysitting both sets of parents while firefighting the problems you always get on moving day.

Special thanks have to go to both sets of parents for their tireless advice and cleaning prowess, Larry for helping Keith with his move and BS trailers for the last minute trailer hire!!

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