Wednesday, July 26, 2006

8th July 2006 - The Decorating Begins

I have never been so tired in my life, and when Keith and I had to drag ourselves out of bed at 6 in the morning to take the van back to Leighton Buzzard, I'm pretty sure we both looked like extras from Resident Evil.

The day improved though - big time - thanks to our wonderful friends.

First to arrive were Rach and Ian who only had a 2 hours before they needed to go out. They have to be applauded for the most valiant effort because they managed to clear the shoulder height nettles and grass, find the flower bed and turn the ground ready for me to start planting.

Second was Bill who spent a while helping Keith organise the Barn before coming inside to get stuck into the painting. Between him and my little sister Ammie, the spare room was done by mid afternoon.

Bringing up the rear were Sal and Dave who get the prize for the most entertaining contribution. Speed painting the study while carrying on a domestic about the age old question of a woman's ability to do DIY is a pretty effective skill!!

After the painting came the celebrating, and that it was nothing if not educational:

We did a taste test on the two chippy's in town
Walked into Phoenix Nights and ended up running a creche around the pool table and then
Kept the neighbours up until 4.30 singing songs in a very off key and drunken way.

Sorry neighbours!!!

Thanks to all the lovely people who came and helped that day, we would still be living in purple walled hell otherwise!!

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