Thursday, July 27, 2006

Week 2 - Keith on a mission

After the success of moving weekend I was worried that progress might stall slightly - how wrong was I!!!!

This week saw the bedroom painted, one of the new plugs being installed (thanks to Oliver's Lighting, purveyors of period repro switches), the table and chairs for the garden delivered AND the wardrobes arrive (albeit in *shudder* flatpack ready to be painted).

The place felt a little bit more like home although there were still boxes in every nook and cranny which sometimes made walking through the house a bit of an adventure. It was definitely time to get some excess stuff into the loft.

Ah, the loft, the baby brother to hell itself!!! I was the obvious choice to go up there for the purposes of box shifting because I am easily bunked, good at organising/ tidying and Keith would be the choice to get the boxes up to me. What he didn't tell me is that the loft is about 1,000 degrees, especially at the moment when we're in the middle of the biggest heat wave this country has known in living memory AND the boiler is up there, merrily chucking out heat when it warms our water!! The place did look better for it though, and I did lose half my body weight in about 30 minutes.

So onto the small touches upstairs, pictures going up, curtains up, and the place is really starting to look like home now. It is a little rough round the edges but it finally feels like progress is being made.

The current plan for these small touches is as follows:

The spare room has all the "ethnic" stuff in it with a framed Ghurka knife and wooden masks on the walls. This room also houses the fish, and will house the spare TV as a kind of spare lounge. Add some spare ribs and it's about as spare as it gets lol

Our bedroom has some lovely dark green curtains going on and the big Guinness poster onthe chimney breast. Still to come are more pictures from our travels (such as they are)

The lounge is also painted and tidied and is going to have several large retro motoring posters up on the wall. Not entirely sure about the dust collectors yet but I'm sure they'll come in time, those things seem to breed when Keith is about ;-)

And that's about it for plans, except for the kitchen which will need to wait because it deserves an essay all of its own!!! D-Day currently stands at 18th September though and I cannot WAIT to see how it turns out!!

Oh and we have also made another discovery ... the social club next door is fantastic and will left us jump over the wall and get 'takeaway' from the bar. Perfect for those Saturday evening BBQs!!

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