Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Harry Diaries – Week 1

Every day, Keith takes Harry for his morning walk and to keep me happy while I sit in the office, he sends me a little paragraph on how the walk has gone. Keith, a relatively inexperienced dog owner, is taking to his new fatherly duties like a duck to water and as you can see from the following entries, Harry is proving to be a typical hound, and we love him for it, ever last stubborn, gross little habit lol


We went for a walk this morning pretty much bang on 6-7. He was good as gold, I rarely had the lead tensioned and he walked close to me pretty much the whole way. He nearly always came when I called him. I think I maybe had to pull him away from a smell only 3 times or so.

Then we got home and I fed him. He didn’t show much interest when I was preparing it, but he trotted outside when I put it there. I went in the shower, and when I came out he had been sick around outside the bathroom. He had eaten the wet food, but not had much of the dry. Poor fella looked so apologetic. Im not intending on feeding him till this eve now.


Harry and I had a pleasant walk this morning. Certainly made him hungry which went down fast and hasnt come back up yet lol. He appears to not like postmen, and tried to chase one. Maybe its just the bike. Likewise, lorries! He played up a bit on the walk along the path back to the house, but was pretty good other than that. We went through the long grass to keep our distance from the cows in the field and although he was suspicious he was ok with them.


He was quite a good boy this morning, a few to many wet and fresh cow pats around which took his fancy and needed a watchful eye but other than that he was well behaved, especially on the walk by the path where he played up yesterday. He is definitely getting there I think. He was so funny last night, he was asleep on the couch next to me and as he was breathing it was just lifting the corner of him mouth, and would then drop back down. Dead cute bless him.


Well it’s been interesting. What is the little monster like!? I put him outside for being bad and instead of thinking about what he’s done he’s having the time of his life chasing a frog around!!

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