Monday, September 11, 2006

No Longer a Jungle!!!!

It's been quiet on the house front, mainly because Keith and I have been busy doing other things. A little poor I know but when you have an endless sea of jobs to do, it's sometimes nice to remind yourself there's a world out there so that the house doesn't start to feel like too much of a chore.

The house itself as seen relatively little action because I'm building up a nice long list ready for my week off when the kitchen is fitted. Currently I'm planning on:

Boarding out the house loft (once I've cleared it out that is)
Laying the new floor in the downstairs hallway
Taking up the carpet on the stairs
Painting the upstairs landing

I think you'll agree that it's a list with the potential for huge amounts of storytelling, mostly of the horror variety and no doubt ispiralingpiralling costs.

Unlike the house, however, the garden has seen quite a lot of action. The garden has now been properly cleared and there is also now a fence separating the two ends of the garden - and when I say fence I mean work of art, hand crafted with no shortage of blood, sweat or tears by us both over the past few weekends.

The plan for the back of the garden has also changed a little and the 6' fence with 12' gates has now been replaced with 4' fencing and no gate. This is largely due to the fact that those gates take 6-8 weeks to make and we needed a fencing solution a little quicker, for reasons that will become apparent very shortly.

I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how the garden is looking at the moment - you can stop sniggering back there - because the groundwork is really coming together. It's not going to win Britain in Bloom any time soon, I grant you, but it is under control, and by the time spring comes around and we are ready to plant, we're going to have some fantastic soil and comparatively weed free beds. Believe me, that is no mean feat!!!

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