Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ever been walked in on when warming the throne?

Well no more at FTC!

After living without a working toilet door for well over a year ... actually probably two, today I managed to find time to refit our door handle!

I wasn't intending to do it, but an odd sequence of events led to it materialising. Take one child who WAKES at 10pm, one adult who has blurred visions at about 3am of an old catch being (in a very specific place) in the barn, and one child who then falls into a coma at 8am the next day, and all of a sudden you have a spare 5 minutes to investigate such possibilities!

It was all very unexpected as I had only wanted to do a tip run! Alfie and I went outside at 8am to load the Benz, and she was fully loaded with old kitchen units and general garden waste.

But when I came back to the small lad he was counting approximately 1,304,733 sheep. Seriously, he loves sleeping outside in his snuggle bag so much I am seriously tempted to leave him out in it for the night!
So I went and dug out the door catch, which was exactly where I had thought! You can see the old seized catch in front of the new catch/door knob assembly.

And so the door looked like so - a quick run with the drill had the holes enlarged sufficiently large enough to fit the new catch.
And viola!

In the afternoon we went to see our friends Claire and Helen, with their little ones Jamie and Verity. Helen had a moan she isn't mentioned or pictured much in the FTC blog, and I must do a recap sometime of our summer escapades with our NCT friends.

In the meantime, I introduce you to Helen! (now in 3D!)

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