Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Testing out my new wheel!

Whilst Alfie and I enjoyed a 'later than usual' breakfast this morning, we decided that the gorgeous crisp yet sunny morn was a splendid time to be outside.

Before winter hits, I need to get the beds raised, the garden at the top cleared, the bus roof moved to sit over the pond, the chassis in the barn, and the bus where the chassis currently lives. And I need to build a shelter for the chickens, a shelter for the back of the house, and a shelter for the bus. Phew, bust times ahead!

As so, with the tomato plants now removed, (and Alfie asleep) I started levelling some of the land at the top of the garden. It started off looking like this.

And I immediately cleared all the weeds and rubbish that had collected there. Then time to try out my new toy! After complaining to Tash last week that I wasn't a real man as I didn't have a wheelbarrow, she sourced me one from freecycle.

And so I set about removing soil. Basically I need to get the land level, and I need soil in my raised beds - so its all going down there. Perfect job for a wheelbarrow! It gets rather boggy up there in a wet January, so I also decided to lay some paving stones I had lying around so that Tash doesn't end up with a muddy arse this winter.

Lunchtime arrived, where I caught the little Alfie-monster doing this!....

Now I need to teach him not to stand up in his high chair ... otherwise it only a matter of time until I hear *thump*, 'waaroooo!'

And then he came out to help me finish off. You can see how much soil i've moved compared to where the compost dalek currently sits. (don't worry, thats going too!)

And after lots of digging and 'barrowing the soil ended up down here.

You may have noticed there is still a plant in the bed. Its because its growing these. I *think* they are squash, but I really cannot remember. I suspect winter will kill them before they grow into anything edible, but i'm gonna give em a chance!

Tash then arrived home (she had been away at some work thing last night), and we went out for a walk ... and Alfie fell asleep with his tag blanket in his mouth, the silly fool! (but sooo cute!)

Next up - tip run!

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