Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Tale of Colds, Black Eyes, and Nutella!

Before I begin this little tale there a few things you need to bear in mind when reading. a) Alfie has had a cold recently and b) as most of you know, I very much have a "if all limbs are still attached then he must be fine" approach to parenthood.

The aforementioned cold has made Alfie slightly grumpy recently, and also seems to have removed a large % of his co-ordination.  So when I heard CRASH, BANG, GRIZZLE yesterday morning I peeped my head round from the kitchen (where I was making breakfast) to see Alfie on all 4's next to his walker.  All limbs attached?  Yup.  So I left him to it, and within a few moments he seemed fine.

Mr Tumble kept him amused while he enjoyed his peanut butter on toast (I SWEAR he's no child of mine sometimes!), and when he made it clear he was done and wanted to play some more I went to free him from his harness.  I was greeted by a little boy who I swear could be mistaken for being allergic to nuts, highchairs and cheerful special clowns!  His left eye was fast doing a disappearing act, and his right one seemed to be coming out in sympathy!  "Perhaps he did more than just fall over" I thought to myself as I did my best to smile at the disease ridden rugrat as I picked him up.
Still, in typical Alfie fashion he didnt care one bit, and come lunch time he was over his cold and eating his weight in roasted carrot and beetroot soup (once more with the "I swear he's not my child sometimes" thoughts!).

Having eaten well, and feeling slightly guilty that my son kinda resembled this weekends Superbowl pig skin, I offered him nutella on toast for 'dessert'.

Here's Alfie and his eye (thankfully looking SO much better by 3pm!).  Clearly enjoying nutella on toast!

And pointed out he had one spare, and wondered if I'd like to have it?

But found something amusing?

And the cheeky little blighter nabbed it away before I had chance to grab it!

So i decided to exlain the benefits of sharing.  To which he decided to make his second slice of toast completely unshareable!

Followed by a face of "what, I didn't do anything, I'm too cute"

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smilinggreenmom said...

Awww! He is adorable! So does he have a nut allergy? Our son does as well as being allergic to several other things that we avoid completely. He was once so bad that his skin was red everywhere from severe eczema which we found out was due to food intolerances. Thankfully he is much better now from his Belly Boost probiotic but it was a long road of doctors, tests etc. Your little guy is precious :) I hope he doesn't have an actual nut allergy, no fun.