Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Alfie Takes A Nap - World In Shock!

Just a quick update. We got hold of Alfie's proper little boys bed recently (which I think I've already blogged about) and had been meaning to get a good photo since then.

Well I just had the ideal opportunity! He's been a little under the weather recently, and he was shattered this afternoon ... so shattered that when I put him in his bed he didn't moan or grumble and just drifting into sleepsville (accompanied by a few coughs and slutters). He rarely naps without some kinda fuss, and NEVER naps in his bed.  Poor fella MUST be feeling rough! 

It did however give me the confidence to creep in his room and not fear waking him up.  Apologies for them being slightly blurred, I was attempting to balance on the arms of an armchair whilst not letting them creak ... or fall off!

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